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We thought of this name for product differentiation. Also, ‘clinic’ symbolises solutions to health problems and Chitraclinic signifies solutions for all your innovative image needs.Our work will be more on the artistic side, also we will focus more on object photography. There will be very little focus on human faces or emotions on our portal. Moreover, we will make this a platform where young budding photographers could get a chance to showcase their talent without any strings attached. It would be a platform which would give an opportunity to the artistic and unconventional form of photography and would aim to get them on an equivalent space with the mainstream commercial photography.We would also take pride in associating ourselves with renowned photographers and bringing the best in photography to our audience. We aim to become the No. 1 source for pictures on the web.

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wedding planners,theme ver-malla,fire work,special effects,decorations,guest management,hospitality.