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Surveillance Detective Services

Surveillance Detective Services

Truth and dare detectives best company in the world for investigation .top most performers of missing person investigation in the world and searching where a girl or a boy is absconding as they want to marry someone else but their families are not agree to this. When they run away from their homes their parents are very depressed and truth and dare detectives helps such parents to find out their kids.

Truth and dare detectives complete information about matrimonial detectives, before and after marriage.pre matrimonial investigation issue and post marriage investigation, our team detection character, nature, education, employment details, criminal record check, sources of income or family background check. Depend on the clients’ requirement as well. Collection of evidence is done through varied surveillance equipments. Our expert investigating officers, we ensure that our enquiries are always kept 100% secret and covered. Call us on +91-8800117007,
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