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Art/Painting Class

Art/Painting Class

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“Mesmerizingstrokes Art/Painting Class” speaks for itself; various styles of paintings which bring out the inner creativity of the learner, helping him discover his inborn talents and creating new dimensions in oil colors, water color, ceramics, glass and exquisite Tanjore.

Tanjore is a South Indian art, made on wooden board using 24 Ct gold foil and semi precious stones. A very interesting art to learn and adorn your home and office space. All required materials for the same will be provided.

We will help at every step in creating the artwork, right from sketching to finishing, yet at the same time encourage students to work independently and will generate confidence to execute by themselves in future. Each student will get personalized attention as the prime focus would be to develop strong fundamentals in the creative process.

We will charge $300 for 10 sessions or the entire artwork depending on the work and medium involved.

Location- Manhattan, NYC

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